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“It’s you who decide how your life should be, not your life that determines how you should live.” – Mohammed Eissa

Acquiring a business isn’t much demanding as managing it. A business requires abundant capital, smart decision-making, and insightfulness to continue for decades. To be able to function effectively, one needs to have the ability to compete in the market and gain a larger share of the pie. After all, it doesn’t count how many decisions were taken to keep a business model stable – but how many of them turned out to be wise.

One of the greatest assets of a business is its growth potential and how it affects the commoners and society overall. A business owner needs to have a clear picture of the strategy applied to bring about positive change. Moreover, he needs to understand the complexities underlying the decision and scrutinize it for further improvement.

Wisdom in business management is essential for several reasons. Smart leaders possess specific leadership skills that help keep the ship (business) afloat in troubled waters. Moreover, they don’t make abrupt decisions; their verdicts are based on personal experiences, competition, and other external factors.

“A tree with no firm root will barely sustain itself in front of a strong wind. So likewise, a business without a good reputation will scarcely survive in today’s world.” – Mohammed Eissa

Understanding Wisdom

Wisdom cannot be earned overnight – it’s a slow process of understanding life, its mechanism, overall structure, and nature. An individual needs to develop his cognitive skills and gain experience in order to learn and respond.

The book, “111 Quotes to Get You Going and Get You Inspired” infuses a soft reminder about life and how it should be managed. It includes get-rich-quick tips for people who want to enjoy life to the fullest. It’s about getting a clearer vision of how life looks back at us the way we see it. “111 Quotes to Get You Going and Get You Inspired” is a philosophical approach taken by Mohammed Eissa to offer a broader look at the series of events that life depicts.

Taking Accountable Decisions

Understanding the learning curve behind the ever-evolving world of business is vital. A closer look at absorbing the reality behind how our decisions hold us accountable helps us gain experience in the long run.

Penned by Mohammed Eissa, a former Officer at United Nations (UN), “111 Quotes to Get You Going and Get You Inspire” is a guide for people to comprehend the true meaning of peace. It’s about how one can easily mold their thinking to change the perception of events.
“The value of peace is known by wise people.” – Mohammed Eissa

About the Author

Grew up and raised in Eastern Sudan, Mohammed Eissa is a former Officer at United Nations (UN) who resides in the United States. While stationed in South Darfur, Sudan, he worked as the UNFPA’s Reproductive Health Officer where he took responsibility for managing day-to-day affairs of reproductive health. On multiple occasions, he served as the acting team leader for the UNFA sub-office in Sudan’s East and South Darfur States.

Besides working as a Reproductive Health Coordinator for the UN in Sudan, he worked with Medical Emergency Relief International. From thereon, his interests started to take shape, and he wrote countless quotes on motivation, only by viewing how people managed themselves. If you want a complete inspirational and motivational quote package, then “111 Quotes to Get You Going and Get You Inspired” is the one for you!”

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