Mohammed Eissa is a highly accomplished individual with expertise as a former Officer at the United Nations (UN). Born and raised in Eastern Sudan, he provided invaluable leadership as Reproductive Health Officer for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) sub-office in South Darfur, Sudan. During his tenure, Mohammed Eissa had the privilege of serving as acting team leader for the East and South Darfur States, playing a vital role in coordinating UNFA activities. At present, he resides in the United States.

Before joining the United Nations, Mohammed Eissa worked as a Reproductive Health Coordinator for Medical Emergency Relief International. He also served as the Manager of Reproductive Health for the American Refugee Committee International. He managed 16 health facilities that provided reproductive health services, including a Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care Center (CEmONC) later. In addition, Mohammed Eissa was a TOT trainer who instructed medical personnel in South Darfur on Minimum Initial Services Packages (MISP) for Reproductive Health (RH) in crisis. As a result, he received two certificates of appreciation.

Working in healthcare for over 12 years, primarily in life-threatening. In war zones, Mohammed Eissa witnessed devastating human crises and tragedies. Mohammed Eissa’s experience made him witness tragedies firsthand, prompting a newfound appreciation of peace from different angles, such as gender, age, and religion. His passion for service also extends to academia, lecturing at a Sudanese university while accruing two bachelor’s degrees, a master’s degree (finalist). and a postgraduate certificate -with over 45 additional certificates in healthcare and other diverse fields of study. All these culminated in an inspired view that peace is not just an aesthetic but must be sought actively within all facets of life.

A Pledge To Serve The Community

With a bright vision of the world and its inhabitants, Mohammed Eissa envisions giving back to the community with his book ‘111 Quotes to Get You Going and Get You Inspired.’ Not only does he utilize his immense talent and wisdom to craft thoughtful words and profound quotes, but he also dedicates them to those with vibrant hearts instead of simply counting them as a commercial success. These include those providing humanitarian aid, political leaders working to promote peace and security worldwide, religious leaders showing respect for all humanity, the impoverished living in shelters without ever having a home, and struggling patients. Those who have been out of school due to poverty are not forgotten either – each of them will receive an inspiring message from this book.

It doesn’t matter what their role or situation in life is. Mohammed encourages us to fill our hearts with the energy, passion, and purity to achieve great things. The fact that he has dedicated his literary piece to people in need worldwide speaks volumes about his dedication to making the world a better place for everyone.