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The Connection Between Brain and Motivational Quotes

Most psychologists have recognized that positivity is important to recover from mental illnesses and traumas. That’s why war-torn and mentally-challenged individuals are advised to undergo rehabilitation or therapy sessions. These ‘places of solitude’ are managed by professionals who use words of wisdom and thought-provoking quotes to improve demeanors and attitudes.

Apart from individuals who need recuperation, others are also drawn toward these sagacious lines. So, why do quotes create an ‘alluring effect’ on people? Why do people want to read it?

As with everything else, some of us are wired to light up when we read motivational quotes. Psychologically, words appeal to the subconscious mind, changing the thought process and directing the individual towards better responses. Moreover, they have the power to develop the innate qualities of a person.

In the words of the famous psychologist Noam Shpancer, “Mental health… is not a destination, but a process. It’s about how you drive, not where you’re going.”

4 Psychological Reasons Why Quotes Inspire Us

Below are four reasons why quotes create a lasting impact on individuals:

Coaching Effect

Reading a quote is synonymous to hiring a coach. If a mentor or a teacher believes you can do something, they will relate it through inspiring words. Similarly, quotes have a strong influence, too; understanding them is pivotal for improving and rewiring your brain.

One Thought Leads to Another

The habit of rumination is dangerous to one’s health. It can impair your ability to process emotions and think properly. To overcome this ailment, you need to read ‘words of inspiration written by experts in different fields.

Quotes and other small bits of eloquence can spark thoughts. With each spark, a new idea comes to mind. Analyzing your ideas from a different viewpoint can help you to think and grow. It’s like you’re talking to an invisible friend who wants you to manage and enjoy life.

Validation of Self

Assuring oneself is essential as it helps to understand the thoughts that generate within the mind. One of the methods to achieve self-validation is to read quotes. Quotes about overcoming fears or problems, achieving your dreams, or managing work effectively. If you say, “Diamonds grow big under pressure and oaks grow strong in a storm,” you can pretend to be someone who can fight against problems and survive.


Motivational quotes change our brains, actions, and lives because they make us feel responsible for our lives. Quotes render the confidence to finalize tasks, create new opportunities, and socialize with other individuals. Motivation relates to the ‘WANT,’ and self-efficacy links to the ‘CAPACITY’ to achieve.

Quotes to Get You Going and Get You Inspired – A Poignant Book by Mohammed Eissa
Countless individuals can attest to the fact that quotes have a powerful impact on an individual’s mind. Like a sagacious individual, quotes impart wisdom and vitality to move on with confidence and strength in our lives. An inspirational quotation is like a jolt of energy in your mind. That’s how Mohammed Eissa has developed his new book, 111 Quotes to Get You Going and Get You Inspired. Purchase it today and enjoy!

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