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“You who decide how your life should be, not the other way around.” – Mohammed Eissa

Life is a bore when you lead it without purpose. To achieve greatness, you need to inculcate qualities, like patience and diligence in your personality. In addition, you should be a source of help for those who cannot find their path to success. It’s a delightful experience that doesn’t require much effort. However, people fail to understand its importance in the long run.

Understanding the True Meaning of Life

Understanding situations in a simple way helps to adapt and manage life. According to the author, Mohammed Eissa, the true meaning of life lies in expanding one’s thoughts and capabilities. This creates room for acceptance, learning, and better decision-making. On the contrary, if a person is rigid and unyielding in his approach, then life’s opportunities take a diversion, only to leave him in utter despair and dejection.

Overcoming Ungratefulness

Be thankful for what you have achieved in your life, the love of the people, and the treasures you have amassed. If you spend your life gratefully, the designer of nature and its intricate laws has a law here, too, to make ways to grant you more accordingly and achieve inner peace and a life of ultimate fulfillment today and tomorrow. As for the one who develops a habit of giving – he tends to experience the same in life. In a nutshell, it’s more about giving than receiving – as per the author Mohammed Eissa in his book “111 Quotes to Get You Going and Get You Inspired”. He emphasizes that life is about gratefulness, people, and love.

People contribute more to life when appreciated and loved. They develop a strong willingness to work and help out others in different ways. If you want to understand more, read the latest book by Mohammed Eissa. With over 100+ quotes, it inspires and motivates individuals about challenges in life. Moreover, it teaches the essence of positivity and how can a person attain success in life.

“Possible means right and has the right to happen. And what is impossible, is impossible because it has no right to happen.” – Mohammed Eissa

About Mohammed Eissa

Born in Eastern Sudan, Mohammed Eissa led the UNFA sub-office covering East and South Darfur States in Sudan multiple times. Currently residing in the States’, Eissa was a Reproductive Health Coordinator in Sudan for Medical Emergency Relief International before joining the UN (United Nations). He managed reproductive health for the American Refugee Committee International as well as led 16 reproductive health facilities, including later a Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care Center (CEmONC).

His passion for changing how people perceive life came when he noticed how difficult and confusing people have made it to understand life when it’s the easiest and simplest thing to comply with. In his book, “111 Quotes to Get You Going and Get You Inspired”, Eissa has shared his library of inspirational and motivational quotes to help people get along with their day and understand life’s true essence. It lies in taking things on a light note, keenly observing the surroundings, and acting upon them. Constantly facing depression and stress about things that are out of our control takes us nowhere. While looking at the bright side and talking about making the possibilities happen – every piece starts to fall into place one after another.

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