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“Refrain from assuming peace prevails in a world where all people know about success is limited to having money.” – Mohammed Eissa

It’s normal practice to muddle worldly pleasures with peace. To attain inner peace, you need to navigate life with clarity and unpretentiousness.

Nature as we know it – helps us develop a broad vision of life and its functioning. It teaches how living creatures, such as birds, wild animals, and humans manage the circle of life. It’s a known fact that we blame our fate for the drastic decisions we take in our lives, especially when we had other options to select from.

Self-realization and self-awareness are important to understanding and managing life. These attributes give you the power to influence outcomes and gain self-confidence. To build your personality, you need to inculcate qualities like courtesy, tactfulness, and diligence. On the other hand, being a materialistic person will help you attain the luxuries of life, but without the essence of peace.

The sooner you realize that the materialistic approach to life is not a worthy option, the better it is. Essential things that help us lead a healthy life are not the fancy products marketed on TV sets, but tolerance and relaxed behavior draw more stability in our behavior and mindset as a whole.

Possible means right and has the right to happen. And what is impossible, is impossible because it has no right to happen – Mohammed Eissa

Doing Unto Others

Just like everyone else, we want to be greeted politely and welcomed. But, that’s not the case when we confront people who think and act differently, or decide to spend their lives uniquely. This point has been addressed by Mohammed Eissa. His book, “111 Quotes to Get You Going and Get You Inspired” revolves around the fact that wisdom is earned by making the right choices and learning from the experiences in life.

Understanding How Nature Works

Being selfless in providing warmth through the Sun in winters and comfort through the cold breezes in summers – nature sends out a message loud and clear, life is spent well when lived for others. Nature is an inspiration for peace-lovers who like to enjoy serenity and softness in their special way. It may have gone unnoticed and unseen – but it doesn’t change the fact that nature continues to give without taking anything back. That’s the true meaning that Mohammed Eissa delivers through his masterpiece, “111 Quotes to Get You Going and Get You Inspired”.

About the Author

Mohammed Eissa, committed to serving the people of his country, spent over 12 years of his life working for healthcare, primarily in life-threatening war zones – experiencing close talk with death on numerous occasions. His selflessness and nobility helped him to learn about peace and understand life differently. Currently residing in the United States, Mohammed Eissa penned his thoughts and wisdom into his book, “111 Quotes to Get You Going and Get You Inspired” to inspire the new generation.

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