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Everyone has a favorite adage or saying that they like to repeat. The question is, what makes some so inspiring and resonant?

Many people look for inspiration when things get tough. So, they try to alleviate their problems in different ways. For example, some opt for recreational activities, like a visit to the beach or hanging out with friends, while others pray or practice transcendental meditation. In contrast, others read motivational quotations written by renowned personalities.

Quotations are akin to analogies. They engage the mind in a unique way, directing it to generate positive thoughts. These thoughts, in turn, affect an individual’s actions and behavior. However, not every quotation touches the reader on an emotional level. People who get inspired by simple phrases and sayings will find motivational quotes more meaningful than those who don’t.

The Power Of Language

People have an appetite for wisdom expressed in words, whether it’s motivational or not. How an idea is put into words can affect how well it creates a positive response. According to a research study in 2000, cognitive scientists at Lafayette College found that people were shown two statements of the same saying. Those who saw the rhyming pattern stated that it was true. Napoleon Hill’s quote, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve,” is a more upbeat example.

In writing, words can make a huge difference, especially how they are used in sentences and paragraphs. A simple idea can become more enjoyable when you use a metaphor. For instance, when people talk about business and say, “skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been,” or “drop the ball,” they are referring to sports in a subtle way. Most of the time, a metaphor functions by making its subject clear and easier to understand. “Everyone is a genius” is a quote. But if you judge a fish by how well it can climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid” would be much less powerful if it ended after the first sentence.

The Primal Aspect

Humans are aspirational. Generally, we look up to renowned personalities and role models to manage our lives. Inspiring quotes have a strong effect on us. We give more weight to the words of well-known leaders from different fields because we assume they must be accomplished, wise, or otherwise exceptional. That’s one of the reasons why we learn from them.

Well-structured messages with strong imagery are powerful thought-provokers. A prime example is a postcard that entails a defining quote on life or motivation. Other methods include:

  • Social media
  • Software applications (WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.)
  • Reminders on mobiles
  • Diaries

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